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Yes, my birthday was two days ago. Also the birthday of the late Carl Lydick/Speaker to Minerals.

For my birthday, I treated myself and my sweetheart, Lynette, to an overnight trip to New York to see George Takei in Allegiance. They may not win any Tony Awards, but I thought it was great. The play is only running for a few more weeks, so if you have the time and money, hurry up and get your tickets. It's a great show.

Mind you, watching the show with someone for whom it's family history is even more intense. Her father's family moved to Hawaii from Okinawa in the 1920's. Her uncle was out west and ended up in the camps. Her father who was still in Hawaii ended up in Army Counter Intelligence. Lynette grew up half Japanese in Texas back in the 60's and 70's. The play was very personal to her.

So Sunday morning we hopped a bus from Manchester, NH. to Boston. Then a train from Boston to New York. Then a subway to get to the hotel. A quick walk around the neighborhood to get our bearings, then dinner. Then back to the hotel to refresh ourselves before the show. Luckily, our hotel is two buildings down from the theater. And the place between them is the Irish Pub/restaurant where we had dinner. After the show, we watched a bit of the Golden Globe Awards in the hotel lobby bar to wind down before going to bed.

Monday morning, we walked from our hotel over to see the Empire State Building. Grabbed a nice breakfast along the way. Visited the Build A Bear shop which is a few doors down from the Empire and spent a lot of money for my granddaughter. Then it was a straight shot down the road to Penn Station for our return trip.

Was there some sort of security alert yesterday? There weren't any soldiers around Sunday afternoon but plenty on station Monday morning.

Anyway, that was my birthday celebration. My first trip to New York, a wonderful play and three days within kissing distance of my sweetheart. It's going to be hard to top my 55th.

Date: 2016-01-13 03:18 am (UTC)
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Beladen Hoppy Birdy! (I am terrible with birthdays. I remember mine, spouse, and kid's -- and theirs mostly because they're only 10 days apart -- and my mom's spouse, because his is the day before my spouse's, and... the general vicinity of my mom's. >_> )

I don't know about security alerts, but there've been various candidates wandering through doing stump speeches or whatever they're called...

I am glad you had fun!


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