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Today started when I got to work. Some delivery person had left a case of rolls outside on the edge of the loading dock. Right where two hungry raccoons could find it. Luckily, I shooed them away before they got too far into it. Only lost one bag of rolls.

And then a couple of us were discussing summer work with our manager. Some folks take the whole summer off or find work elsewhere. Others move over from dining to housekeeping for the summer, cleaning up the mess the students make of the dorms. And a relative few of us spend our summers feeding the folks who take summer courses, or come for one of the various camps and conferences. The manager, Maredith, and I were listing the folks from our dining hall who work dining for the summer. Another lady threw in the name Debbie (one of our cooks,) and Maredith replied, "No. Debbie does housekeeping."
It was at that point that my mouth obeyed my sense of humor rather than my common sense and brought forth the comment, "I don't remember that movie."

I sort of hope that fewer of you get the joke than those among my coworkers did. Luckily, my boss thought it was funny - technically, she could reprimand me for something like that.
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