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It's that time of the year again. End of the school year at UNH. We need to empty the coolers at the dining hall since we'll be closed for three months. We're actually doing pretty good at that. So good that I'm not sure we'll have anything to feed the students for the three more days we're open.

In keeping with this empty-it-all out theme, my deliveries have been very small all week. With the exception of Wednesdays I have an assistant for four hours a day. It's been a challenge finding ways to keep myself busy, let alone someone else.

I'm hoping to only work part time this summer. I think I can manage it financially and anyway I have enough savings (intended for theoretical vacation trips) to cover my bills if not. I dislike the summer work and the summer workplace and want to avoid it as much as possible.
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Yesterday I thought I'd get in a little time at the gym. For extra, I was going to bike there and back. On the way there, I swung by the cemetery to check in with mom, dad and nephew. Shortly after leaving the cemetery, the rear tire on my bike blew out. BANG! Much suckitude. So instead of going to the gym for exercise, I got to walk my bike home. Only a few miles, but I hadn't planned on being out in the sun for a hour or more and since my recent surgery I'm much more aware of the sun. So on the walk home, I dropped in to Target to pick up a wide-brimmed hat ( a boonie hat actually ) and a new tube for my bike. Got home having exercised my legs, lungs and heart adequately and avoided sunburn. Such was my Sunday.
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Hello and Happy Easter to those who celebrate in some fashion. Winter seems to be finally behind us. Yesterday, I took the winter equipment down to the cellar and brought out the summer stuff. Put some air in the bike tires. Began thinking about what I plan to do with the yard this year. Do I take down the holly hedge out front? Do I dig up the entire back yard to start from scratch? So many choices. So many decisions to make.

And of course, since my ear is still sort of recovering from a bit of cancer surgery, I'm thinking very carefully about sun exposure these days. Isn't getting older fun?


Apr. 4th, 2017 03:31 pm
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There's a couple of items in the user agreement that make me itch so I guess I'll be leaving LJ soon. If you're not on Facebook and want me to keep in touch, drop me a line and I'll see what's what.
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खुश नव वर्ष

Ευτυχισμένο το νέο έτος!

Heri ya mwaka mpya!


Chúc mừng năm mới!

Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku!

سنة جديدة سعيدة!

سال نو مبارک!

Bonne année!


Boldog új évet!

С новым годом!

새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Felice anno nuovo!

Feliz Ano Novo!


Bliadhna Mhath Ùr!

Frohes neues Jahr!

Mutlu Yıllar!
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(There. Happy now Mister Trump?)

Also Happy Hannukah. Etc. Enjoy whatever holidays you celebrate. Then join in on whatever holidays your friends, family and neighbors celebrate. The more, the merrier. Maybe we'll eventually borrow an idea from the Japanese and declare Dec 25 to Jan 1 "Golden Week".
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Too bad we lost.
This is something Elton John once said at a concert. But remembering that made me realize that at the time of the American War of Independence, most if not all of my ancestors were British subjects. French Canadians for the most part with a few Irish, possibly some Scots and/or English.
Anyway, happy to be here.
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For my growing addiction to the writing of Seanan McGuire. I had a lot more money before said Archangel's frequent references led me astray.
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Today started when I got to work. Some delivery person had left a case of rolls outside on the edge of the loading dock. Right where two hungry raccoons could find it. Luckily, I shooed them away before they got too far into it. Only lost one bag of rolls.

And then a couple of us were discussing summer work with our manager. Some folks take the whole summer off or find work elsewhere. Others move over from dining to housekeeping for the summer, cleaning up the mess the students make of the dorms. And a relative few of us spend our summers feeding the folks who take summer courses, or come for one of the various camps and conferences. The manager, Maredith, and I were listing the folks from our dining hall who work dining for the summer. Another lady threw in the name Debbie (one of our cooks,) and Maredith replied, "No. Debbie does housekeeping."
It was at that point that my mouth obeyed my sense of humor rather than my common sense and brought forth the comment, "I don't remember that movie."

I sort of hope that fewer of you get the joke than those among my coworkers did. Luckily, my boss thought it was funny - technically, she could reprimand me for something like that.
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I baked two pies for Pi day. A cherry pie for the family and my first pecan pie for the lady in my life. The cherry pie turned out well. It's delicious. Breakfast of New England champions. As for the pecan pie, I'm delivering it later on today and crossing my fingers. It would not do to deliver an inferior pecan pie to a lady from Texas. Not if one prefers smiles and smooches to polite prevarications.
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... it's just not worth the trouble of clawing your way out of the crypt.

I forgot to set my alarm clock last night. So I woke up at 5:07 instead of 4:15. I usually leave about 5:00 give or take a few. Yup. I started off way behind schedule. Oh, but today was trash day and so I had to get the trash out to the curb. And it's recycling week so I had to get the recycling bin out to the curb.
Better yet, we had snow last night - wet, heavy snow which formed a nice, hard crust on top. Just a couple of inches, but I had to clean off the car. Delays, delays, delays. And the roads were icy so slowing down was in order.
All told, I managed to get to work a couple of minutes before 6:00 instead of around 5:30 as usual. Fortunately, I'm supposed to be there at 6:00. I just didn't have the time for my usual morning email to my sweetie. At least, not before punching in, though I did drop her a quick note after punching in. Who's to know? After all, as I found out when I drove into an unusually empty parking lot, UNH had delayed opening today.
Mind you, I still needed to be there since my deliveries came on their own schedule, not UNH's. So it all worked out in the end.

As and endnote, I begin to sympathize with the Republican view that not everyone needs to go to college. Some people just don't belong there. I say this after watching two students walk up to our door, look at the sign that said we would not be open until 9:30 and then try to go in anyway - at 7:00. THEY LOOKED AT THE SIGN! AND THEN IGNORED IT! Some folks need to start over at a lower level.

Primary Day

Feb. 9th, 2016 03:33 pm
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Yes, I voted. I was an independent going in and an independent coming out, but in between I was a republican because weeding out the weeds is important - just in case. And I don't favor any of the democrats over the others by very much.

Snow Day

Feb. 5th, 2016 05:34 pm
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HA! As if UNH would call off for such a paltry storm. Besides, I was already at work before the rain changed over to snow. And they did eventually call curtailed operations. At 3 PM. Of course, I get out at 2:30. But I didn't finish digging my car out until 3. Guess that doesn't count.
And so after a full day of work and shoveling my car out I got home and had to clear up the driveway. Actually the neighbor (who shares my driveway) did the bulk of it with his bigger snowblower. I used my little one to clean up after him. And just about the time we finished, the storm ended. And I still had to dig out my son's car from the street out front so I could park it out back and let the snowplows clean up the street.

Yes, it was a busy day, and there was more snow than they'd predicted for us, but now it's time to sit back and relax.
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Not so much by choice. Waiting for the repairman to come and restore my furnace to functionality. I'm guessing it was only down for a couple of hours since my living room/kitchen area is about 58 and my bedroom is 50 while the world outside is 25.

I've been down this road before. Fortunately, I just got a whopping 1% raise so I should have no trouble covering this repair. I guess this makes up for my car not needing any repairs to pass inspection earlier this month.
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Yes, my birthday was two days ago. Also the birthday of the late Carl Lydick/Speaker to Minerals.

For my birthday, I treated myself and my sweetheart, Lynette, to an overnight trip to New York to see George Takei in Allegiance. They may not win any Tony Awards, but I thought it was great. The play is only running for a few more weeks, so if you have the time and money, hurry up and get your tickets. It's a great show.

Mind you, watching the show with someone for whom it's family history is even more intense. Her father's family moved to Hawaii from Okinawa in the 1920's. Her uncle was out west and ended up in the camps. Her father who was still in Hawaii ended up in Army Counter Intelligence. Lynette grew up half Japanese in Texas back in the 60's and 70's. The play was very personal to her.

So Sunday morning we hopped a bus from Manchester, NH. to Boston. Then a train from Boston to New York. Then a subway to get to the hotel. A quick walk around the neighborhood to get our bearings, then dinner. Then back to the hotel to refresh ourselves before the show. Luckily, our hotel is two buildings down from the theater. And the place between them is the Irish Pub/restaurant where we had dinner. After the show, we watched a bit of the Golden Globe Awards in the hotel lobby bar to wind down before going to bed.

Monday morning, we walked from our hotel over to see the Empire State Building. Grabbed a nice breakfast along the way. Visited the Build A Bear shop which is a few doors down from the Empire and spent a lot of money for my granddaughter. Then it was a straight shot down the road to Penn Station for our return trip.

Was there some sort of security alert yesterday? There weren't any soldiers around Sunday afternoon but plenty on station Monday morning.

Anyway, that was my birthday celebration. My first trip to New York, a wonderful play and three days within kissing distance of my sweetheart. It's going to be hard to top my 55th.
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And let's hope everyone enjoys a year full of good things. It's time to stick 2015 into its shoebox and stuff it in the closet. Into the box with ambulance rides and big, scary medical machines. Into the box with anxiety attacks and angst.

Gotta make room for good times and adventures. Like going to New York to see George Takei in "Allegiance" with the woman I love. And that's just for starters. What a wonderful way to turn 55 that will be.

Boxing Day

Dec. 26th, 2015 07:43 am
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And a good morning after Christmas to everyone. I'm just having a quick breakfast and checking up on the world. In a little while I will make a run out to the grocery store for a few items as today is the big family gathering. Not that big, mind you. Me, my ex, our three children, their two fiancees and one grandchild. Hoping for a drama free event.

I hope everyone had a satisfying holiday. Me, I'm mostly looking forward to my birthday in a couple of weeks. My sweetheart and I are going to New York to see George Takei in Allegiance. Not much time for touristing even though it is my very first trip to the Big Apple. We'll arrive by train with just enough time to check in to our hotel, maybe grab a quick dinner and then rush off to the theater - which luckily is right next to our hotel. We might have time for a nightcap after the show, then back to the hotel for some sleep. Then we have to catch the train homeward about 11 AM. So unless we get up quite early there won't be much time for sightseeing. The rushed trip is planned so that my sweetie doesn't miss work.

Anyway, this past year has been - stressful in many ways but good in others. I'm starting 2016 with a bang. My first Broadway show and spending my birthday with the woman I love.
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So here it is, Christmas Vacation. I've got a lot of time to fill. I don't go back to work until January 18. So far my plans include family Christmas next Saturday and a trip to New York to see George Takei in Allegiance. So that's about four days taken care of. Outside of that, I have no plans. I like long weekends and the occasional week off, but four weeks is too much.
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Wow. A Holiday with no drama. Good food. No one was sick. Daughter did not criticize son even a little. Son and son-in-law-to-be bonded over a discussion of Fallout 4. Daughter gushed a bit over wedding plans. A good time was had by all. Now that's something to be thankful for.
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Have a great holiday folks. Heading down to my daughter's place in Massachusetts soon.


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